Who We Are

Bharat Telecom Ltd, the pioneer of Fibre Optic technology in Mauritius was incorporated in 2010. We launched our products and services in October 2012 using our own fibre cables.

After almost five years of operation, Bharat Telecom Ltd has acquired a fair number of subscribers, including householders and businesses. Our aim is to introduce new services and products capable of providing state of the art technologies at the doorsteps of the customer.

Bharat Telecom has been around for the last 5 years and our highly qualified engineers have researched and developed solutions for our inner operations to service our clients so that they can always have a good bandwidth. We want you to use these solutions and manage your connections and networks like an ISP. Now is the time to harness on these technological solutions to bring your operations to new heights.

  • We Have 5+ Years Experience
  • We Provide Qualified and Expert Assistance
  • We Use Mordant Technology and Tools
  • Quick Response and Support